Who Should Take Care of Your Kids While You’re at Work?

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Parents are always in limbo about where to leave their kids when they have to go to work. Choosing the right childcare is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as parents. Are they better off with their grandparents? Should you leave them in a daycare center? Can you afford a nanny or a babysitter to look after them?

The idea of child care is usually a hot debate among parents and communities. Should a mother drop everything in her life and become a full-time parent to her kids? Should she forego her career? It is a sad day for society when it forces mothers to let go of their dreams because they cannot find a suitable person or center to care for their children while they work.

The thing about leaving your kids to either your parents or a daycare center or a nanny is that you’re constantly worried about their safety. That’s why you go to great lengths of installing security cameras around your home or asking a friend to come over your house and look after the babysitter. And yes, the worries are based on actual evidence of teachers and nannies abusing kids. That’s why it’s important to vet these people.


As much as your parents love spending time with their grandkids, remember to ask the question first: “Mom and Dad, is it okay to leave my kids with you while I work?” It’s so simple, and yet many don’t know how to ask a favor from their parents. Sure, your parents love playing with them, but are they okay with changing their diapers or cleaning after them? Taking care of the kids for eight hours is different from playing with them for a couple of hours every weekend.

Check your parents’ health, too. Can they still manage your hyperactive kids? Can they still run after them? Prepare the house if they are going to look after your kids. Prepare the meals so that they don’t have to cook or wash the dishes anymore.

Daycare Centers

day care teacher reading a book to kidsAre your kids at the right age to be left in a daycare center with other kids? Are the people there equipped to handle that many kids in one class? Inspect the daycare center before signing up your kids for it. They should have safety measures in place so that you don’t have to worry about your kids while you’re at work.

What kinds of activities will your kids be doing in these centers? Check if these are age-appropriate. You don’t want your kids to feel inadequate because you have enrolled them in the wrong class.


Is it okay to let babysitters (virtually, strangers) in your house? If you’re taking this route, make sure that you’ve vetted these people the right way. If they are of age, let your kids know that someone else is going to take care of them while you’re away. Let them know that it’s okay to tell you if they feel threatened or abused by these babysitters and nannies.

These babysitters should be aware, too, that there are security cameras in your house. As long as these cameras are not going to infringe their privacy, they shouldn’t have a problem being monitored. Talk to a babysitting agency to get recommendations.

Your decision will ultimately depend on your setup as a family. Your budget will come into play, too. Remember to transition to this new chapter slowly until you find the right system for you.

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