Dear Parents, Proper Communication Skills Begin At Home

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Parenting is tough work, and it comes with a multitude of responsibilities only a mother and father can ever begin to comprehend. From getting up early to prepare breakfast to helping them retrace their steps and hopefully reflect on some mistakes, you’re an all-in-one superhero doing all that needs to be done to give them the opportunities they deserve. In fact, if we start counting receipts, parents don’t get enough love and credit, especially during such troubling times as we’re experiencing today.

However, one major oversight many families continue to do is failing to see that you’re also in charge of nurturing your child’s communication skills, and whatever they end up learning at home will be their founding steps moving forward in the future. So, to help address this gap in knowledge and teaching, we think it’s about time parents learn a thing or two about being our children’s first communications teacher.

#1 Talk With Them, No Matter How Ridiculous A Subject!

Children are as bright and bubbly as they come, and when it comes to making jokes and sharing stories, you’ll be surprised at how spontaneous and ridiculous of a subject they can pull out from their thinking box. So, instead of brushing them aside and responding with a laugh, we strongly recommend that you talk with them regularly, whether it’s about their favorite cartoon Centaurworld, or the random bug they found in the backyard.

  • Let Them Lead The Conversation: All forms of communication begin at starting a conversation, and it’s always good practice for your kid to let them lead the conversation and be on the active-listening end of things. You want to use their creativity and spontaneity to your advantage, so let them show all their colors and only squeeze yourself in when they have trouble putting their thoughts into words.
  • Ask Their Thoughts And Opinions: Another great way to hit two birds with one stone is by asking their opinions about some recent movie you watched or any shower thought that comes to mind. Not only will they be talking and conversing with you, but this practice will simultaneously train their analytical skills because they’ll be just as busy thinking about it while talking all the way through.

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#2 Incorporate Associated Skills With Fun Time

While kids are bundles of endless energy, we can’t deny the fact that they only pour out all that vigor and spontaneity into things they naturally enjoy, so don’t try to be too academic with your approach but incorporate skills with fun time instead. Plus, it also helps when they’re more engaged and interactive because it’s less of a hassle on your part to guide them through the ups and downs, a win-win situation for the both of you.

  • Storytelling And Role-Play: If you ever find yourself with some free time on your hands and aren’t afraid of bringing out the inner narrator inside of you, then one excellent way of having fun and teaching your kid communication skills is through storytelling and role-play. Nothing beats the power of immersion, and your kid will be jumping with excitement at the thought of dragons or sci-fi, so use your creativity to make the dots connect.
  • Introduce The Art Of Writing: Being good with words isn’t just about speaking but also includes the art of writing, and introducing your kid to the world of writing is another method we urge you to try. Sure, it might not be as interactive as playing games or starting conversations, but it does introduce them to the intricacies of reading comprehension and the like. Plus, they might even build an audience on Wattpad by their efforts alone!

#3 Comingle And Socialize With Kids Their Age

Last but not least, nothing comes close to the real thing, and you should expose your child to comingling and socializing with other kids their age. In doing so, they learn the beauty of making friends and why getting your point across is so important, and it’s beneficial for their social growth and development as a person. So, don’t be afraid to set up play dates with friends or enroll them in your local child care center.

  • Be Strict With Health & Safety: Likewise, given the current circumstances and risk of Covid-19, we urge every parent to be strict with health and safety by all means possible. Any communicating skills training would be for naught if your child’s well-being is compromised, so always double-check to give you that extra bit of reassurance.

Unlock Their Inner Confidence

Overall, proper communication skills are key to unlocking your child’s inner confidence, and what you teach them right now will most certainly help them later on in the future. So, don’t slack on your teaching duties and take the initiative in starting more conversations!


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