It’s Possible: Having a Hobby Despite a Hectic Schedule

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Life can be so busy, hectic, and stressful. Often, you’d find yourself battling through the crowds during a commute, juggling work and family, and managing the household. The remaining time is that precious opening you’d want to dedicate for your rest. If this has been the theme of your life for the past few months (or years), you may feel exhausted and empty. Deep inside you, you are looking for a spark — for something that will excite and thrill you. And it could be a hobby. A passion. A pursuit.

You may think it is impossible to find a hobby amid a busy life. And you may think that it is unnecessary. It is that one thing that will help you fill your life with purpose and meaning, and it’s possible to squeeze one into your life. You may be surprised that some adults who work two or three jobs have the time to take singing or violin lessons.

Here are some pointers to make it much easier:

Check your downtime

Yes, you are busy. But you have to acknowledge the fact that every day is not always a busy day. And you may find times when you notice that the workload is low and that the downtime is plenty. With this fact in mind, you will be much more conscious about the truth that you are wasting time. Remember that if you are adding a new activity into your life, you will need to compromise — and in this context, that may mean repurposing your downtime.

Fix your priorities

If you are looking at the big picture, you may notice that you are not busy at all (though this is on a case-to-case basis). The stress and tiredness that you are doing may be a result of your disorganized and cluttered mindset. Your priorities may be over the place; thus, everything feels muddled. So what you should do is to arrange your priorities and come up with a schedule. When you’re done with it, you may notice that you have plenty of time, a part of which can be used for your new hobby.

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Dedicate a day in your week to it

Some hobbies require a certain level of commitment, and you cannot always use your day to pursue it. But you can dedicate one day, especially for it. For instance, if you are learning to play tennis, you may save your Saturday and Sunday to it. If you want to be better at it, allot an hour or two every morning of your weekdays.

Do away with your gadgets

Life has a lot of distractions. Your phone, your TV, and your computer are among them. If you are consistently glued to these screens, you will never be able to accomplish anything. As such, you need to lessen your usage of these gadgets and start focusing on your pursuit.

A hobby spices up your life

A hobby enriches a person’s life. It helps you discover strengths that you thought you didn’t have. And who knows, it may turn into an income-generating pursuit. But for now, enjoy it and use it as an outlet.

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