Does Your Choice of School Affect Your Career?

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The proximity and affordability of a school are not the only factors to look at when considering whether to go there or not. If you truly want to make the best choice for yourself, look at the school’s track record in terms of graduates — where they went to college, what industries they became a part of, and how they are faring right now. You can tell a lot about a school’s reputation in the industry by looking at its alumni. It also impacts your employability in the future.

Schools play a central role in society, as well as in a child’s life. Schools foster camaraderie, teamwork, cooperation, and unity. There, children will meet people who can be lifelong friends, employers, and business partners. Choosing a school, therefore, should never be an easy process. It should be a long-winding and often complicated process of what your parents can afford, what you want, and where you see yourself thriving.

A Tale of Two Examples

Look at the story of these two individuals. Macy attended a well-known international school while Robert came from a school that hiring managers have never heard of. But that’s the only difference they have. Macy and Robert are both highly skilled in the job they want to do. They are tenacious, hardworking, and committed to learning. Who do you think employers will most likely hire?

As much as it pains you to admit, you’ll probably be hiring Macy, too. Her connections and prestigious diploma will do well for your business. Even if you came from Robert’s school, you’ll want to have something of Macy’s academic background in your workforce. That’s the glaring difference between attending a prestigious school and one that’s a virtual unknown in the industry. Of course, this doesn’t happen all the time. Many employers are also choosing skills and knowledge over the name of the school the candidate has graduated from.

Not Purely Based on Reputation

But the hiring preferences of employers are not purely based on a school’s reputation and prestige. It also depends on the schools’ previous graduates. Alumni connections will go a long way in any industry you choose to be a part of. If you want opportunities to open for you when you graduate from college, you have to choose a high school and university that produced many alumni in that field.

Most high schools and colleges have programs that allow students to connect with their alumni. They can give the students insights into the industries they’re in, as well as the kind of work that they do. Some even offer internships to high school and college students, so they have an opportunity to work in the industry they are targeting way before they graduate.

Brand Name and Name Recognition


As much as academics must be about the qualifications of a school, that isn’t really true in many companies. Name recognition still plays a big role in a hiring manager’s decision to offer a job contract. For example, Macy’s school is well-known in the country. Once the hiring managers see that, they’ll immediately think of the good reputation that the school has. Robert, meanwhile, will suffer for not having an opportunity to attend a more popular school.

Robert’s only advantage is if he decides to apply for a job in the region or city where his school is located. It is more likely that people and companies there know of his school, so they’ll give him the opportunity to work for them. It is also an advantage for them to have someone from the same locality work for their companies.

Corporate Partnerships

Aside from name recognition and alumni support, more well-known schools also partner with corporations (usually headed by an alumnus) to help train their students in various skills. Many of these corporations also offer summer internship programs to help students get insights into how the different industries work. They also send high-ranking company officials to conduct seminars, training, and workshops for the students.

This kind of exposure will give you choices as to what industries you hope to join in the future. The more opportunities the school opens up for its students, the more empowered their students become in terms of choosing a career for themselves. It is important to look at the partnerships these schools forge with other institutions, especially with those that can benefit the students.

You need to look at a lot of factors before you decide on the school you want to attend. If you have the resources, it is always more advantageous to attend a school that specializes in the industry that you plan to be a part of in the future. Whether as an employer or an entrepreneur, the school you attended will have a huge impact on your skills, knowledge, and opportunities.

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