The 25 Best Resume Writing Services to Help With Your Next Application

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  • A resume service is an online writing service that delivers a professional resume via a paid plan or for free. 
  • The best professional resume writing services can adapt to various industries, tones, and styles.
  • The right resume writing service will be prompt, won’t cost much, and will be detailed and communicative. 
  • A good resume goes hand-in-hand with a remodeled Linkedin profile.
  • The best resume writing services offer inbuilt templates, guided formatting, and writing from scratch. 

Everyone knows how to submit a resume, but what happens when you want to apply for a very intricate job requiring expertise? Your Word-formatted CV just won’t do.

Besides the difficulty of following a certain format, writing a resume has some rules not everyone knows, like how long it should be and what sections it should contain.

Luckily, there are excellent writing services online that can whip up the perfect resume for you in no time.

Don’t know where to find the right resume-writing services? This article will work for you and narrow down some of the best resume-writing services online.

Table of Contents
  1. What Is a Resume Writing Service?
  2. How Do Resume Writing Services Work?
  3. What Resume Writing Services Can Offer?
  4. List Of Top 25 Best Resume Writing Platforms
  5. FAQs 

What Is a Resume Writing Service?

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A resume writing service can write you an impressive resume or enhance your already-existing one. Some resume writing services also refer to themselves as “builders,” as they compile resumes from scratch.

Individuals mainly opt for online writing services to get more interviews and callbacks. If your resume is outstanding, it will outshine the competition. But, if it’s filled with mistakes, it might end up in the dump.

For instance, Statista research shows that only 14% of applicants that applied to companies with over 500 employees in 2018 landed an interview. This means that you are competing with even more rivals than you thought. As such, your resume needs to be professional and showcase your unique skills.

People also hire resume writing services to organize their resumes for them. For example, some individuals may not know that the right resume shouldn’t be too long and should be skimmable. The Experience section must be at the top, so the person reading it becomes interested.

Because an average resume needs to be one page long, you need to pinpoint only your best-selling skills. And if you are not the best resume writer, you might compose it the wrong way. But that’s what resume writing services are best at! Hiring these writing services will guarantee your resume will stand out.

How Do Resume Writing Services Work?

Resume writing services work through the applicant contacting the company or the writer. After negotiating a price, the buyer will communicate with the writer about what needs to be included in the resume. Depending on the service and the payment, a resume may be delivered within 24 hours or 7 days tops.

If the writer is satisfied with the delivery, they pay the agreed-upon price. Some writing services require payment upfront, while others have a money-back guarantee. You should note that if you want an attention-capturing resume, you should be prepared to pay more.

If you live in a specific area, remember that you can locate the top contenders by Googling the best resume writing services near me!

What Resume Writing Services Can Offer?

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The best professional resume writing services offer various pricing plans to fit your needs. Some can review your submitted resume, while others can write it from scratch. Writing services also show you how to build your resume using their templates or one of their samples.

Did you know that including your GPA score on resume samples increases your chance of standing out? Some resume builders implement this practice more than others.

There are writing services that pair you up with a professional writer whom you can converse with. They gather all your information and interview you about your education and previous job experiences to create one mind-blowing resume. If you are willing to pay a little more, they might include a cover letter to attach to your Linkedin profile.

Besides editing and reviewing, the best resume writing services offer CV creation and career consulting. But, most importantly, the right resume writing services will be affordable to the average student, job-seeker, or the recently unemployed.

Below, we’ll talk about the best-reviewed resume writing services you can trust with your career fate.

List Of Top 25 Best Resume Writing Platforms

Let’s take a look at the resume writing services best contenders the internet has to offer:

No.25 Find My Profession – Best for Versatility

Find My Profession ranks among the top writing resume services that allow you to build a creative resume from scratch. This friendly resume writing service offers career coaching alongside professional resume-writing.

Find My Profession also ranks among the best federal resume writing services – their resume writing packages include executive level, IT, engineering, C-level, entry, and professional. VIP level, base, and premium packages are available at different prices.

The Find My Profession resume writing service offers a professional resume package that starts at $595. It might be steep, but your delivered resume will be compatible with automated systems and won’t be discarded.

The price jumps to $695 if you want a cover letter with your resume. You can also pay $895 for the service to craft your professional LinkedIn profile. The first draft is usually delivered within three to five business days. Or, you can pay over $100 to get it in the next 48 hours.

No.24 Resume Spice – Best for Personal Approach

Prepare to spice up your next job application with Resume Spice – a writing service that lets you converse with a writing expert and coach via phone. In your phone conversation, you will elaborate on your experiences, job searches, and career aspirations to be included in your resume.

Resume Spice’s staff are all recruiters, thus experts in resume and CV writing.

Resume Spice delivers your resume draft within two business days. The final versions of your delivered resume will be in a PDF or Word format, depending on your choice.

Starting with $449 for an entry-level resume and $689 for an executive resume, Resume Spice is more expert-friendly and less for first-time employees.

No.23 Resume Genius – Best for Newbies

Resume Genius is the best resume writing service website if you are conducting your first resume. Resume Genius promises to help anyone build an amazing, professional resume in just 12 minutes.

The website offers to edit or create a new resume from scratch. The building process is developed through a series of questions about your job experiences and education by checking information boxes.

Resume Genius also offers prefilled resume options that you can edit, as well as an array of different types of templates.

Besides resumes, Resume Genius helps with CVs and cover letters. The website is also very fun to browse, with tons of blog-style articles that give you tips and tricks on how to write the best resume. 

Resume Genius is one of the best affordable resume writing services on our list, with just $2.95 for a downloaded resume!

No.22 ZipJob – Best for Beating the Applicant Tracking System

ZipJob is your top choice if you want your resume to pass your employer’s tracking system software. The employees at ZipJob are professional resume writers that make sure your resume gets to the hiring manager’s desk. They do this by running the resume through the ATS to make sure it’s one of a kind.

ZipJob also prides itself on being one of the best IT resume writing services on the list.

Applicants can contact ZipJob by uploading their resume or filling out a new one. The most important part of the resume is scanning it through the screening algorithms to ensure it’s passable.

For $139, ZipJob offers a brand-new professional resume, ATS optimization, and writer messaging. However, one of the most surprising parts about ZipJob is that they offer a 60-day interview guarantee for $189!

You can have your delivery within 3 to 7 days, depending on your chosen package.

No.21 Indeed Resume Builder – Best Free Resume Builder

Through Indeed Resume Builder, the applicant can create a resume free of charge. There are 8 templates with specific text fields to choose from, or you can rearrange the sections according to your preferences.

With Indeed Resume Builder, you can get professional advice on properly conducting your resume. The website allows you to download a PDF version of your draft resume, and you can consult with a real resume writer by clicking the Get Resume Help From a Real Person section. After, you’ll be given a questionnaire about the type of help you need, and you can upload your draft.

Indeed Resume Builder’s service costs $89, but the price jumps once you apply to more than 10 jobs with the same resume.

Besides being one of the most affordable, Indeed Resume Builder allows you to get a one-time rewrite on your resume if you don’t get an interview call in the first 60 days of your submission.

No.20 TopResume – Best for Resume Keyword Optimization

Top Resume is great at writing federal resumes and includes resume keywords that will rank your applications above others.

TopResume is the Tinder among resume writing services because it matches you with the perfect professional writer! It works by writers swiping you right if they find things in common with you, like experience or the industry.

Top Resume also offers a free, detailed evaluation of your written resume. The writers work with set dates for revisions, and you can get your resume in approximately 7 days.

The prices range from $149 to $349 for professional growth and executive priority. Top Resumes is the best writing service for applicants of all career levels and across different industries.

No.19 – Best for Changing Career Paths

Resume Writers state that their resumes help with different life circumstances. They include plans with resumes for ex-military and academic CVs, among many other things.

Resume Writers is the only writing service on our list that helps with career-changing resumes. So, if you worked as a waiter before you graduated and are now looking for a job as a manager, Resume Writers are the ones for you.

The website offers already-prepared resumes, or you can ask professional writers to write one from scratch. They can also teach you how to write a resume with their supervision.

Resume Writers are among the best technical resume writing services on our list, costing $299. The prices are in the middle compared to others on our list, ranging from $169.95 to $299.95.

The quality is exemplary, and with the right price, you can expect your delivery within 24 hours.

No.18 ResumeBuild – Best for Personal Touch

ResumeBuild praises itself for being the most advanced resume builder technology can offer. All resumes written through ResumeBuild are unusual and stand out among the competition. You can craft and recraft as much as you want until your generated product is authentically you.

You get real-time previews to see what stage your resume’s at. If you don’t want to wait, choose from the pre-written examples.

The best part about ResumeBuild is that it produces HR-approved resumes that will definitely catch any hiring manager’s attention. It’s only $1.95 for a 14-day trial, and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

No. 17 Resume Writing Services – Best for Revisions

The ordinarily-named Resume Writing Services is a writing service that offers unlimited revisions! The website is filled with success stories and reviews praising their writers and prices.

Resume Writing Services takes on a personal approach and completes the process in 3 steps:

  • Filling out an online questionnaire
  • Getting connected with a writer
  • Receiving the written resume.

Resume Writing Services has packages that go as high as $270. All their add-ons, like cover letters and Linkedin profile remodeling, are under $100. Resume Writing Services also offers an hour of coaching for $100 and “Thank you” letters for only $20.

No.16 The Muse – Best for Independent Writing

The writers at The Muse see their applicants as muses. The staff is so talented they can make a job-scoring resume from just about anything.

Besides writing resumes, The Muse is a resume reviewing service that focuses on helping you build your perfect resume. You can have a phone or Skype session with professional writing coaches to guide you through resume writing step by step. The Muse also allows the applicant to choose their mentor from the three pages filled with professionals.

This review writing service is best suited for applicants who want to master resume writing independently. You only pay for the mentors that guide you, and the prices range from $119 to $479.

No.15 Resumeble 

Resumeble is the best option if you are looking for a resume on a budget. Resumeble has a constructive baseline package that includes both a resume and a cover letter.

The baseline package is not the only package you can pay for. Resumable offers an upgrade for which the applicant gets a full Linkedin rewrite and a second resume version different from the previous one. Resumeble is also one of the resume writing services on our list that offer cold email writing to recruiters.

You can refresh your Linkedin profile for just $99, while a real resume costs $129 a service.

No.14 iHire – Best for Quality

You won’t make a mistake hiring one of iHire’s resume writers. As one of the oldest resume writing services in the game, iHire delivers incredibly strong resumes with impactful writing. All their writers have prestigious credentials, so you know you are putting your data in the right hands.

Besides their impeccable writing style, iHire knows how to structure a resume. The base price is $395, but you know you will work with skilled professionals who know the industry. Your resume will include a personal touch and emphasize your goals and experiences.

The only downside to iHire is that their writers are difficult to contact, and the applicant must fill out an 8-page questionnaire. If you put the price aside, iHire is one of the best resume writing services online if you are looking for quality.

No.13 Resume Star 2 – Best for DIY

Resume Star 2 is the best resume service for you if you want to learn how to build a resume.

Resume Star 2 offers samples and traditional resume templates. If you need additional help, you can tap the information icon in the bottom and choose Guide. You’ll have access to crash courses and available jobs.

The app works through iCloud, and the payments are $6 to $25 at most, depending on how satisfied you are with the help.

Resume Star 2 is the only app on our list that asks for your consent to collect your information, making it the most secure option.

No.12 TopStack Resume – Best for Career Consulting

TopStack Resume is one of the resume writing services on our list that cares to develop their applicants. By signing up for their service, the applicant can access career consulting and one-on-one sessions with a professional career advisor.

The service offers cover letters, resume formatting, and informational videos on how to become better at resume writing. The team behind a TopStack resume will ensure your resume stands out at $139-$649, depending on the package you choose.

No.11 Craft Resumes – Best for a Stylish-looking Resume

No one cares more about the craft of resume writing than Craft Resumes! This resume writing service offers resume keyword optimization and engaging DIY options.

The team behind Craft Resumes is very qualified and dedicated to creating unique yet personal resumes. While you browse their services, you can give their interesting blog a read where you might learn a few things about resume-crafting.

The interface is very user-friendly, so you won’t have trouble navigating the platform. They are also included in the best engineering resume writing services on the list.

The applicant gets unlimited revisions, meaningful vocabulary, and an additional cover letter to increase the chance of getting a callback. The prices are not that bad either, from $229 to $500.

It’s estimated that 59% of recruiters reject a candidate because of spelling and grammar mistakes. So, having your resume reviewed by a professional is a must.

Here are the last top 10 best resume writing services that will guarantee you a job interview:

No.10 JobStars – Best for Efficiency

Job Stars is one of our list’s best resume and LinkedIn writing services. Their Linkedin profile optimization and bio makeover service are shown to score the most visits and job offers.

The platform guarantees to score you a job regardless of experience levels or goals. Job Stars’ team tries to capture the applicant’s voice to make it more authentic, adds a well-formatted cover letter, and is ATS-friendly.

Job Stars offers resume distribution, career coaching, job-related solutions, and advice. The talented writers deliver compelling resumes that will impress every hiring manager.

The company also offers to send your resume to 500 recruiters that match your dream job. So, they search for you.

Job Star’s prices range from $495 to $650.

No.9 Let’s eat, Grandma – Best for Speedy Delivery

Let’s eat, Grandma is a top-tier resume writing service with a hilarious but important saying for a name. It emphasizes the importance of grammar and proper language in job-seeking and teaches you how to create a thought-provoking resume.

All of the writers are experts in their fields, and the applicant can opt to get a free resume critique. The review highlights which areas of your resume need improving, and you can follow their suggestions.

LEG offers phone conversations to get the resume written quickly, and their delivery is the fastest on our list.

The prices are steep, starting at $439 to $1,899. However, the final product is always worth it.

No.8 VisualCV – Best for Students

VisualCV is not just a CV writing service. They offer resume building with or without the applicant’s help. All their documents are ATS-friendly, and VisualCV’s website is easy to follow.

VisualCV offers resume reviews, formatting, or writing from scratch.

Creating an account is free, and you can do it via Google or Linkedin. There are 25+ formats, including customizable samples, references, fonts, etc. It’s also the most affordable student service, from $9 to $899.

No.7 – Best for Template Choices is one of our top-chosen resume-building programs because it’s completely free. The platform offers 20+ templates for resumes, cover letters, career advice, and job postings. offers edits to an existing resume or creates one for you from scratch. Besides being easy to use, it’s also convenient to use the same account on Indeed to search for jobs.

No.6 CV Engineer – Best for Finding Mistakes in Your Resume

CV Engineer is straightforward in showing you how to create a professional resume. There are 16 templates; you can add sections with just a tap! Even if you have never written a resume, CV Engineer shows you examples of how your section should look.

CV Engineer is one of the free resume builders on our list, but if you want to upgrade to the Pro level, you only have to pay $4.49. Not to mention the app was built by an executive recruiter himself!

No.5 IntelligentCV – Best for Convenience

IntelligentCV is an app that creates your resume with just a few clicks in minutes. Besides having your resume ready on your phone, IntelligentCV offers different fonts, 42+ templates, and coaching.

Through the app, you can add sections and delete or rearrange information to highlight the most eye-capturing points. IntelligentCV is free, no matter how many times you redo your resume.

No.4 ResumeEdge – Best for Resume Editing

ResumeEdge is the best resume writing service for career changers and job-seekers who want to apply for jobs at different expertise levels. Like other resume services, ResumeEdge assigns you an expert in the industry, and you two collaborate on your piece. You can reach them by email or phone to ensure they capture your personality.

The writers employed at ResumeEdge have over 20 years of experience and know how to tailor a resume to every hiring manager. The price is not bad either, starting at $100 for a resume from scratch.

No.3 CakeResume – Best for Design Options

CakeResume shows its applicants that creating a resume can be “a piece of cake!” The resumes built through the program have various features and customization options to make them more effective.

You can log onto CakeResume from about anywhere, as the program is social-media friendly.

There are comprehensive templates to choose from and samples you can format. The samples are success stories of previous clients, with over 500 of them! The only downside is that you might get a watermark on the finished result if you choose the free plan.

CakeResume pricing varies depending on the plan you choose. However, you can design your first resume for free.

No.2 Resumonk – Best for Job Searching in Addition to Resume Building

Resumonk is one of the cheapest resume writing services on our list, with well-organized and stunning templates. This resume-building software allows you to create your impressive resume using detailed templates and samples.

With Resumonk, all data and information are safe, and the user can decide when to pay for the resume if they are satisfied with the result. There are two plans – Premium and Forever – that cost $39 and $149, respectively.

No.1 BeamJobs – Best for Auto-generated Job Descriptions

We left our best contender for last to highlight its winning points. BeamJobs is the best resume writing service for newbies that claims it can whip up a resume in just 12 minutes!

The BeamJobs app works like a tool that provides a wide selection of free templates. If you have difficulty remembering your previous work responsibilities, BeamJob has auto-generated job descriptions you can choose from.

Through BeamJobs, you can apply to jobs of different levels of expertise in almost all industries. The PDF downloads are free, and the finished products are anything but ordinary!


1) What are the best resume writing services? 

In our humble opinion, the best resume writing services are TopResume, The Muse, ResumeWriters, Let’s Eat, Grandma, and BeamJobs. Their plans are extensive, and the writers are of top quality.

2) How much does a resume writing service cost? 


A resume writing service can cost anywhere from $1.49 to $1,899. If you want an excellent resume you can trust, you should be prepared to pay more.

3) Is hiring a resume writing service worth the investment? 

Yes, a good resume writing service is always worth the investment. Some job seekers aren’t aware of just how much work goes into a resume and expect to land the role of their dreams simply by including their education and experience on a page.

4) Which is the best executive resume writing platform?

IHire, Let’s Eat, and Grandma are the best executive resume writing platforms.

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