Amid the Pandemic: Taking Professional Development to the Next Level

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The COVID-19 pandemic has an undeniable impact on every country’s economy. As the virus spread at an alarmingly fast rate, economies around the world are now experiencing a deep global recession. According to the World Bank, we can expect lingering repercussions brought about by the pandemic.

While it is true that not all people are affected economically, a huge number of the population is struggling not only financially, but psychologically as well. Many lost their jobs and are struggling to find other sources of income. But if there is one thing worth knowing, that is the fact that the pandemic gives us more reasons to invest in professional development.

Professional Development in Time of the COVID-19 Crisis

These days, the best way to get ahead of the competition is by improving your market value. You may already hold a good position in your company before the crisis. But if you want to score the next promotion or snag a better job the next time around, then investing in professional development needs to be your priority. Not even the pandemic can stop you if you have the will to make it happen.

Start by upgrading your skills and adding more know-how to your knowledge bank. There are a lot of ways you can do this even with the lockdown and quarantine rules. You can watch free courses online or enroll in online learning for postgraduates. You can do this during your free time and from the comfort of your home.

Check with your employer (if you have any) if they are providing free online training for the team. According to a research project, nine out of 10 employees agree that additional workplace training is essential to career growth. Use this opportunity to learn new things, add a skill set, and show the company what you got. You can get a free certificate or two at the end of each training that you can add to your collection.

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Never Stop Chasing After Career Goals

Many know of the great movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness”. This is a story based on Chris Gardner’s life and the struggles he had to face. But despite all the hardships, he never let this stop him from going after his dream. What he did is he kept his dream, did his best despite many uncertainties, and patiently waited. He even taught his kid in real life, which also played as his son in the movie that he should not let anyone stop him from chasing their dreams, not even his own family.

While the movie did not entirely mirror Gardner’s life, it did to a certain degree, shed light on how he managed to find his own happiness. One thing the movie got right is how the interview went on for Gardner while showing up with just a jacket and paint-splattered sneakers. He never let his background affect his training and worked hard day and night for his son. In the end, Gardner found happiness, and as of to date, has an estimated net worth of $70 million.

From a millionaire’s story, we can learn that professional development requires a lot of patience and sacrifices. It is a matter of choices, what your outlook in life is and how you handle what life throws at you. Gardner did not let poverty stop him from becoming a millionaire. While the pandemic is another issue, it only goes to show that if you have the will and motivation to achieve your goals, then you should not have any excuse not to try harder.

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